3 Sister Oluwatosin Motunrayo Elizabeth

nga Nigeria
3rd Speaker
Current Team
CFAP MDDE (Sisters Forum)

Name: Oluwatosin Motunrayo Elizabeth.

Gender: Female.

Birthday: 27th of May.

Hobbies: Sewing.

Favorite Food: Pounded Yam and Vegetable Soup.

High School/College: Genius Royal Academy/The Polytechnic, Ibadan.

Course: Public Administration.

Facebook Username: Tunrayo Oluwatosin.

BBM Pin: 7482A5BE.

Quote/Advice: If You Get Lost in Your Dreams, They can Become Nightmare, Stay Focused, Follow Your Dreams And They Will Come True.

Points For The Debate

Good afternoon Honourable panel of judges, Good afternoon my co-debater and good afternoon to you all. My name is Oluwatosin Motunrayo, THE 3RD SPEAKER representing CFAP sisters forum. I’m here to oppose the motion which says;
“To go far in life you have to walk alone”

There is an old Zambian proverb that says” when you run alone you run fast but when you run together you run far” Life is not a 50yard dash it is a marathon the only way you are going to finish the race well and not burn out is by having other people involve in your life through meaningful relationship.
Ephesians 4:16(NLT) say’s each part does it own special work, it helps the other part grow so the whole body is heathy and growing and full of love”.
Strength lies in unity; the greatest achievement are made from a person idea which was worked on by several collaborators. Even Jesus had disciples because he knows the value of companionship, also many people who had great achievement in the bible also had companion such as Moses, Paul, Abraham e.t.c. However God recognise the need for companionship in success, that is why he created institution of marriage
More so, the book of Ecclesiastes 4:10 says” for if they fall the one will lift up his fellow but woe to him that is alone when he falleth ; for he hath not another to help him up”. When you walk with people, you get to hear several other opinions that might be better than yours or serve to correct you on some wrong doing….. Nobody’s an island of knowledge, success involves when opportunity set readiness, and opportunity comes from people around us.
Collected effort yield quicker and much better result, if for example in the business chain the manufacturer is the middle man and also the retailer, there will be too much workload on him so thereby causing a reduction or total collapse of his working ability. Success is not determine by a singular effort, the people around u will determine how far enough you will go in life. For example if America didn’t interact with the rest of the world they wouldn’t have gone half way of where they are now. Bill Gate is also an example, he had the help of Paul Allen in order to create and establish Microsoft, we also had Larry page and sergey Brin who founded Google and they were able to do this because they worked together in establishing Google as one of the most sort after engine we have in the world.
However, if you want to go far in life it is always safer, smarter and supportive to walk with each other .It is supportive in the sense that the people you walk with gives you some support you need in terms of money, advice, making you generally happy, making u know yourself better, advancing your career and helping you determine your sense of self and the direction of your life. You learn more by walking with others than you do by yourself. Proverb 28:26 says” whoever trust in his own mind is a fool” in other words, if you are the only one who thinks something and nobody agrees with you, you may be walking in the wrong direction. You’ve got to have other people in your life to help you grow into the person God made you to be
In conclusion, two heads are better than one. Joining heads together, bringing in different ideas, reasoning together brings out the best in any vision of life. When you have people around you it helps minimize mistakes and errors and also brings out the beauty of any decision making. In order to accomplish your destiny spiritually, physically, career wise and in all ramification you will not have to walk alone for those you associate with will serve as a ladder in order to achieve your dream, goal and aim in life
With these point of mine i think i have been able to convince you that ” To go far in life you cannot walk alone”