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Name: Akinbote Juliet.

Gender: Female.

Birthday: 15th of January.

Hobbies: Singing.

Favorite Food: Pounded yam and vegetable soup.

High School/College: Saint Theresa’s College, Oke-Ado, Ibadan/Adeyemi College of Education, Ondo.

Course of Study: English Education.

Facebook Username: Akinbote Juliet Omopariola.

Quote/Advice: Grace is when you become fountain of blessing.

Points For The Debate ( WAS OUT OF SCHEDULE)

Points To Round Up The Debate As The Chief Speaker

Good evening my panel of judges, accurate time keepers, my amiable readers and my co debaters. To night I Juliet Akinbote is here again to add to the points everyone has stated here before, to oppose the topic which says to go far in life, one must walk alone

The journey of life is a long way to go and without the company of others it would be meaningless.
As a person goes on in life, he/she reaches certain stages and meet new people who add up to his/her story in life.
There are different aspects of lives that shows we can’t live alone in this world.
Education: Isaac Newton quotes that ‘if I have seen further than others, it is by standing upon the shoulder of a giant. He stands on ideas of his teachers;people he looks up to. In aspect of friendship we can’t lack of friendship helps because even in proverb 18:1says whoever isolates himself seeks his own desire, he breaks out against all sound judgement. We can’t isolate ourself and still claim we are on the right track in spirit with God;  Tim Cahill quotes ‘ A journey is best measured in friends not in miles’ because it is not how far but how well and how many impact you made in the lives of people that comes your way.
I will also say that true relationship with others is a plant that will germinate and bring forth fruits.
A man can’t walk alone  in life and to be upright in all he/she does. Pythagoras says Friends are as companions on a journey, we ought to aid each other to presevere in the road to a happier life. So in our journey in life requires unity with people around us and we also need God. Thank you