2 Sister Ayodele Oluwatomisin Deborah

Tomisin Deborah Ayodele
Tomisin Deborah Ayodele
nga Nigeria
2nd Speaker
Current Team
CFAP MDDE (Sisters Forum)

Name: Ayodele Oluwatomisin Deborah.

Gender: Female.

Birthday: 14th of June.

Hobbies: Singing and Listening to Cool Songs.

Favorite Food: Fried rice and Chicken.

High School/College: Pacesetter Comprehensive College.

Facebook Username: Ayodele Tomisin

Instagram: Ayodele Tomisin.

Quote/Advice: “Another Name for Hard work is Miracle. So Don’t Sit Down There and Expect Miracles to Happen, Go Make Miracles Happen”/Whenever You Wanna Give Up on a Particular Thing, Think About Why You Started it at the First Place.

Points For The Debate

Good day Honourable panel of Judges, Team CFAP and our amiable guest Judges, Good morning my co-debaters, Good morning to you all. My name is Ayodele Oluwatomisin Deborah. The 2nd speaker representing CFAP sister’s Forum. I am here to  oppose the motion which states that,”To go far in life you have to walk alone “.

“No man is an island on his own.” So says the powerful and tested quote. Bill Clinton once said and I quote that, where I have reached today is as a result of standing on the shoulders of those who have gone ahead of me. This proves that, no man can stand on his own and stand as a single entity to take on the world.
To start with, the creation of the world, God did not work all alone. He worked hand in hand with the elders in heaven. He said and I quote “let us make man in our own image.” Genesis 1:26. He did not say I would make man in my image. God himself is a good example of teamwork. In the garden of Eden, God would not have made Eve for Adam, if Adam could happily progress alone.
Furthermore, in the bible great men whom God used needed the help of others to achieve great feat. For example, Moses needed Aaron, David needed Jonathan,Jesus needed his disciples, Paul needed Barnabas and so on. If we search from the old testament down to the new testament, great men did not walk alone. They worked with others to assist their weaknesses.
Although, there is this saying that says, a man that walks alone might go fast but they hardly go far. I want us to know that every great person that we see today, did not get to where they are all by themselves. This is a pointer to the fact that no matter how skillful, talented and great a potential is, it cannot come into full actualization without the help of others. For example, Pastor Adeboye, Pastor Oyedepo to mention just a few are good examples of those who did not walk alone. Looking at the political aspect, the President cannot walk alone  helping the development of the country.
In addition, being a young and progress- driven youth, hoping to find your place in life and your footprints registered in the sands of time, you most definitely would have a dream you believe In. But, one thing is for sure, that dream cannot be achieved without you getting stranded at one point or the other along the way. Finding your way out of the confinement is not always possible on your own. Sometimes, without the assistance of others we might just remain stranded for too long. So having good people around is always going to be the best choice in every of such situation. So in short, when we fall people help us rise faster. Evidently, we need the help of others to attain our goals. Even the bible stated it that two are better than one. So I want to relay this question to my worthy opponents that which of you individually can truly tell me where you are today is a result of your own power and without help? If yes wow! If no, we have no cause to argue about this. The root of the matter is that, man needs God and man needs man.
With these points I have to convince you, I hope you would all believe with me even all doubting Thomases that, to go far in life you CANNOT walk alone. Thank you.