3 Brother Temidayo Samuel Ogunsanya

nga Nigeria
3rd Speaker
Current Team
CFAP MDDE (Brothers Forum)

Name: Temidayo Samuel Ogunsanya.

Gender: Male.

Birthday: 26th of June.

Hobbies: Reading and Watching Football.

Favorite Food: Yam Flour with Vegetable in conjunction with Roasted Fish and Ponmo.

High School/College: Federal University of Agricultural, Abeokuta.

Course of Study: Agricultural Economics.

Place of Work: Akanke Agrobased Center.

Facebook Username: Ogunsanya Temidayo Samuel.

Quote/Advice: Diligence and Hard work, the Key to Every Door..

Points For The Debate

Good afternoon Honourable Panel of Judges; TeamCFAP and our amiable guest Judges, Good afternoon Co-debaters and Good afternoon to you all. My name is Ogunsanya Temidayo Samuel. THE 3RD SPEAKER representing CFAP Brothers Forum. Am here to Support the motion which says; “To go far in life you have to walk alone”

First and foremost,to go far in life simply means to achieve many things during ones lifetime and to be alone is just to be one-self or exclusive.It is paramount to note that to be a faithful christian in any sphere of influence,you must learn to walk alone irrespective of the pressures from without that might want to violate your christian standard.No one likes to be ridiculed or rejected,the truth is that everybody wants to be liked and included,many do not want others to think that Christians are a bunch of prudes who cannot enjoy life and so they are tempted to join  the crowd rather than to fulfill destiny.
Permit me as we cruise through the history of Great men in the Bible who stood out in life because they chose to walk alone.There is no greater example of a man who made up his mind to walk alone in the Bible than Noah..A man whom the Bible records that he was Just and perfect(Gen6:9 kjv) even amidst a perverse generation….and the Bible recorded it that this man found Grace in the sight of God(Gen 6:8),the first place where Grace was mentioned in the Bible. After everybody had left Shiloh and it was remaining her alone she was able to pour out her heart to God and the prophet thought she was drunk and that was the night God answered her prayer 1samuel1.. David was also a man that chose to stand alone.He chose to walk alone in the wilderness of life,a place far from distraction,it was while he walked alone that he gathered experience and generated energy needed for his Exploit against Goliath…the beginning of his ruler ship over Israel1kings17:32-58.Daniel also was a man who made up his mind not to do what others were doing Dan1:8..He sanctified himself and chose to walk alone amidst pressure and critics from all and sundry….and at the end of the day,he ruled over provincesDan6:2….Elisha is another example…this man continued with his dogged determination despite critics from the sons of the prophet and from others..he walked alone and at the end of it all he started from where the Great Prophet Elijah stopped 2kings2:1-20..waoooow. Jesus, John, Abraham, David, Daniel, Moses and Paul to mention a few were men that chose to walk alone despite pressure from others Paul boldly declared this after he received the instruction from God…and i conferred not with flesh and blood Gal1:16..what a secret….Take statistics of Great men that are producing results,they are the ones who have taken their time to walk alone ignoring side attractions…Abraham was taught a great lesson when he took his brother along Gen12&13.The prophet was destroyed by a lion just because he chose to obey the opinion of others 1kings13..no wonder the Bible Says in  Heb 12:1Seeing then that we are so surrounded by great witnesses(Jesus,Moses,Paul,Mary(that chose to sit down at the feet of Jesus)…and others Let us lay aside Every Weight Heb12:1 because only one thing is needful Luke 10:42..not forgetting Matthew6:23 which says that IF THINE EYE BE SINGLE,YOUR WHOLE BODY  WILL BE FULL OF LIGHT. Thank you