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Name: Sole Joseph Oluwadara.

Gender: Male.

Birthday: 24th of August.

Hobbies: Working out and swimming.

Favorite Food: Beans.

High School/College: Ibadan Boys High School.

Facebook Username: Johans Sole Joseph.

Twitter: @solejoseph.

BBM Pin: 334D7926.

Quote/Advice: Have no excuses in life.

Points For The Debate

Good morning Honourable Panel of Judges; TeamCFAP and our amiable guest Judges, Good morning my Co-debaters and Good morning to you all. My name is Sole Joseph, THE CHIEF SPEAKER representing CFAP Brothers Forum. Am here to Support the motion which says; “To go far in life you have to walk alone”.

To go far in life means to attain a remarkable standard or make great achievements while living. Walking alone may mean making a difference, standing alone, isolating one’s self, single-handedly or solely going through a course or taking up a task. Walking alone may not necessarily mean walking alone as an individual, you may walk alone as a group, a duo, a family, a party or as an individual as the case may be and of course God is always present.

In this end time, as a believer with a clear head that wants to attain certain standards with no compromise, walking alone is the way and of course God is always present. Matthew 24:12, Jesus said the love of many will wax cold in the end time, meaning many will deviate from the path of truth and righteousness and majority will fall, even through them. We are indeed in the end time where men of God lead their members astray and only talk about prosperity, not Heaven. If indeed you are still standing, you are walking alone and of course God is always present. If you want a special result, you do things in a special way, not the way of the majority which is wrong most times.

An individual with a clear head can go much farther than a group of confused people that the society breeds these days. In (1 Kings 18:20-40), Elijah against four hundred and fifty prophets of Baal. In verse 22, note Elijah said: “Then said Elijah to the people, ‘I, even I only, remain a prophet of the LORD; but Baal’s prophets are four hundred and fifty men”. One man against four hundred and fifty and he wasn’t carried away or intimidated by their number and God gave him victory; of course God is always present.

Romans 12:2 says it clearly, don’t walk with the world, be different and stand alone in the right way even if you’re standing alone. Do not compromise. As a matter of fact, you can’t stand alone when you want to be the people’s man and you can’t be the people’s man when you’re standing alone. You can’t always please the people and stand for truth, you have to walk alone for truth where you have freedom to be honset with yourself.

Here’s another realistic example, not as an individual now but as a duo. When you’re in marriage, one of the best ways to preserve it and make it stand the test of time is by walking alone as a couple/family. In marriage, different situations come your way so do different people come with advice, ideas or solutions to problems. These ideas really are coming from people who cannot solve their own problems and the pieces of their advice can break homes. Whatever problem a couple may be facing, it’s best they tender it before God for solution than taking words from confused people. Walk alone as a couple; of course God is always present.

Walking alone will aid you to fulfil your destiny. Numbers 13-14, Moses sent out some men to spy out the land of Canaan which God has promised to give them. When they returned, they brought good news and bad news of the land they spied. The good news was that the land was a good land flowing with milk and honey. The bad news was that they would never be able to overcome the land because the inhabitants were giants. These people doubted God even when they had his backing. Only two men (Joshua & Caleb) amongst the spies encouraged the people and said it’s  possible to conquer the land if the LORD delights in them. They tried to encourage the people but it seemed as if they were standing alone even though they were right. The people murmured against Moses, Aaron and God and for this reason, God decided to destroy them and not make them see the promised land in verse 29 except for Caleb and Joshua. Joshua and Caleb were spared becasue they walked alone together, they didn’t follow the congregation. People miss their destinies and destinations because they follow the path of the majority. You can achieve a lot more when you walk alone with God.

With these few points amongst several others, I hope I have tried to make you see clearly that ‘To go far in life, you have to walk alone’.

Sole Joseph, Chief speaker from the Brothers Forum.

Points To Round Up The Debate As The Chief Speaker

Good evening Honourable Panel of Judges; TeamCFAP and our amiable guest Judges, Good evening my Co-debaters and Good evening to you all. My name is Sole Joseph, THE CHIEF SPEAKER representing CFAP Brothers Forum. Am here to Support the motion which says; “To go far in life you have to walk alone”.

I would like to repeat this again, walking alone may not necessarily mean walking alone as a singular person or an individual. You may walk alone as a family, a duo, a team, a group, a party and also as an individual as the case may be. Of course God is always present because He’s Omnipresent.

My counterparts mention that you go far by walking together, but there is no gainsaying in going far without a purpose. One person with commitment, persistence and endurance will accomplish more than a thousand people with simple interest.  Walking alone helps you in building up yourself, teaches you to endure, persevere, face challenges on your own and to be independent. After Jesus got baptized, he was led by the Holy Spirit into the wilderness (Luke 4:1), he was there for forty days and nights and immediately after He returned, His ministry started. Also in (Luke 1:80), John the Baptist had been in the deserts till the day of his manifestation to Israel. What do you think they were doing in the wilderness and deserts, hunting and catching fun? No! They actually went there to build up themselves, learn the act of endurance and perseverance, to gather strength, knowledge, to meditate, commune with the Holy Spirit and to fast and pray. These acts were actually the propellants that keept them moving, they were things they had to do alone so they could keep moving. So they were doing all the work alone in the engine room, and the result was manifesting in the public. Whenever Jesus performed a major miracle, he would go to a solitary place to recharge His battery, alone! Several times He left the multitude and His disciples to go and pray alone. Studying the lives of the disciples of Jesus we can deduce that they were somehow lazy when Jesus was with them. They hardly prayed, they wouldn’t fast, subsequently they couldn’t do much work and many miracles or signs and wonders while Jesus was with them because they were dependent. They didn’t go through the process Jesus went through so they had little or no experience. Matthew 9:14-15, we could see they were busy enjoying Jesus’ company. After Jesus gave them power in Matthew 10:1, why were they still unable to heal an epileptic boy in Matthew 17:14-21? Because they wouldn’t do that lonesome work, even if it were to be as a group, they wouldn’t fast and pray. After Jesus left them, they had to walk alone as a group, team and as individuals only then did they become independent and they did much work and many miracles.

Even Apostle Paul wasn’t married, am sure he didn’t want to be tied down. If he was, maybe he wouldn’t have gone that far.

A counterpart said, if you are the only one who thinks something and nobody agrees with you, you may be walking alone. What about the case of Joshua and Caleb? They were the only one who thought of something and nobody agreed with them but they were still right! Am sure you are convinced now.